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Thank You!
We would like to acknowledge the following individuals and businesses for donating to our scholarship program. Without their support, this would not be possible. We thank you all so much!

Corporate Sponsorship ($2,700)
Pearson Ford

Surprise Scholarship ($1,500)
Dave & Theresa Hunt

Surprise Scholarship ($1,000)
PA & Debbie Nilhagen
Anonymous Donor*

Surprise Scholarship ($500)
The Hiett Family
The Hiett Family*
The Steiner Family
Treeo Tree Service

Surprise Scholarship ($300)
Pearson Ford*

Surprise Scholarship ($250)
Brown, Smith & Settle, LLC CPA's

Surprise Scholarship ($200)
Jeff & Melissa Nevitt
Jeff Veal

Shining Star Scholarship ($160)
Bill & Marilyn Mihelc*
Tyler Roberts

The Rowlett Family

Surprise Scholarship ($150)
Anonymous Donor

Surprise Scholarship ($140)
James D. Beckley

Surprise Scholarship ($100)
Carpet Country
David & Ann Cook
Jonathan & Mayra Diaz
Duane & Linnea Leatherman
Bill & Marilyn Mihelc
Don & Elaine Minassian
Don & Elaine Minassian*
Seacat Landscaping, Inc.
Ena Shelley*

Big Heart Scholarship ($80)
Byerly Family Dental*
Indy Anna's Catering
Anonymous Donor

Surprise Scholarship ($50)
Jim Beehler
Shannon Chastain
The Rodolfo Cruz Family
The Haskins Family
Mike & Lisa Kirk
Carey & Carol Jean Landry
Anonymous Donor

Frequent Flyer Scholarship ($40)
Ena Shelley
Sandy Wright
Anonymous Donor

Surprise Scholarship ($30)
Carey & Carol Jean Landry*
Victor & Kathryn Smith*
Victor & Kathryn Smith*

Surprise Scholarship ($25)
Brooke Kandel-Cisco
Victor & Kathryn Smith

Returning Friend Scholarship ($20)
Liliana Goens
Brian Knight
David & Sharon Mason
Mark & Judi Sims
Anonymous Donors (2)

Special Visitor Scholarship ($10)
Stephanie Quinlan*

*denotes a donation received (and very appreciated!) during the pandemic

If you would like to donate, click here for more information, and please let us know if you have any questions. Every donation, no matter how small, will make a difference for a student!

Special Note

Pearson Ford's sponsorship of our 2021 tennis camps provided scholarships and vital support with some of our summer operational costs.




Donation Needs

During this pandemic, times have been tough for students and their families in many ways, especially with regard to academics, finances, and social/emotional needs. In 2022, we hope to open our doors to more scholarship recipients to be able to provide homework support, much-needed social time, and more at no cost. Will you join these donors in supporting our goal?


Scholarship Update

Since the start of our scholarship program in January of 2020, we have been able to give full scholarships to 37 different English-language learners and others with financial needs from Perry Township Schools, providing them with academic support, enrichment activities, and more at no cost. We are very grateful to our donors who make this possible, and we hope to continue growing our scholarship program!

Fundraising Goal

To raise funds for our current scholarship recipients, as well as others affected by the pandemic, to be able to come after school at no cost throughout 2022

Our Progress Tracker

updated on a daily basis

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