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Summer Camps


Our summer camps have ended for 2019. What did we do? Tennis camp took place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Our tennis players ate lunch with us and also had time to play other sports like soccer, basketball, badminton, table tennis, etc. On Thursday afternoons, we met for dance camp! After a great workout, our dancers enjoyed dinner together. If you would like to learn more, please view the information below, and we hope to see you next summer!

Tennis Camp

Players of all levels are having fun out on the court this summer! We are working on our strokes, participating in drills to improve our skills, learning more about the rules of the game, and playing singles and doubles. Some of us are preparing for school tryouts, and others plan to play for fun with family and friends.

Interested in enrolling for tennis? Our 2019 summer tennis camp has ended, but we hope to see you in the summer of 2020!

Dance Camp

We are exploring different styles of dance this summer! During class, we do barre exercises to learn proper technique, practice new moves to fun music, and even learn short dance routines. We are also getting into great shape for sports by improving our balance, strength, flexibility, and more. Let's dance!

Interested in enrolling for dance? Our 2019 summer dance camp has ended, but we hope to see you in the summer of 2020!

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