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Name: Mr. Valentine

Seeking: Donors with a Big Heart


Mr. Valentine's Profile


Personal Summary: I was born and raised right here in Indianapolis, IN, but I love to travel! There are people all over the world who need my love, so I can't just stay in one place. Right now, the Gaisser family needs me. They really care about supporting kids and want to give scholarships to Perry Meridian students, too, but they're pretty shy and awkward about asking for donations. That's why I'm here. ;)

Personality: outgoing, charismatic, quirky, loving (but brutally honest)

Likes: long walks on the beach, reading love stories, raising money for good causes, meeting new people

Goals: #1: Help the Gaisser family raise enough funds by February 14th to provide scholarships for an all-Perry-Meridian student day. #2: Quit munching on so many conversation hearts—they're just soooo good! #3: Outrank "Face with Tears of Joy" to become the most popular emoji!!!!

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