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Special Events


From time to time, we will offer special events for teens and/or their families. If you would like to come join in the fun, you'll want to check here and on our Facebook page for more updates!

Chin National Day

February 15, 2020

We enjoyed attending Chin National Day from 12:00-4:00 p.m. at the Chin Evangelical Baptist Church this year! There were fashion shows, traditional dances, voice performances, and a variety of foods to try. It was fun to celebrate this special day with our students from Burma, as well as with students from other cultures who came to show their support!

SHS Visit for 8th Graders

February 05, 2020

In the evening on February 5th, we attended an informational meeting at Southport High School. Our 8th graders brought some of their friends and family members to learn and translate about credits, graduation pathways, classes offered, and more. They also had an opportunity to meet their high school counselors. They will start as freshmen in the fall of 2020!

Movie Night: The Ultimate Gift

November 22, 2019

​We had our first-ever movie night at the learning center on Friday, November 22nd! This event was open to our current students, as well as others in grades 6-12. We watched one of Miss Gaisser's all-time favorite movies: The Ultimate Gift. This film really challenged us to think about money and gifts in a whole new way. We look forward to offering more movie nights in the future!

Cultural Exploration Family Night

September 20, 2019

​Our students and families attended the Cultural Exploration Family Night at the Baxter YMCA from 6:00-7:30 p.m. to enjoy fun festivities and delicious food. We also got to see our artists' cultural projects on display at the event. Proud of their work!

College Visit at Butler University

July 12, 2019

On July 12, we took a field trip to visit Butler University! Our students toured classrooms, dining halls, athletic facilities, and the beautiful grounds, seeing where college students live and learn. They also met one of Miss Gaisser's former professors, Dr. Brooke Kandel-Cisco, who gave them a tour of Butler's South Campus and took time to answer their questions about college. They even visited the Butler Bookstore to shop for a T-shirt! What a fun and exciting experience for these students as they plan for the future!

7th & 8th Grade Honors Nights @ SMS

April 29, 2019

On April 29 and May 1, we visited Southport Middle School at 6:30 p.m. to watch as 7th and 8th graders from our learning center received academic and attendance awards at the honors nights. We are very proud of their efforts this year!

Southport vs. Perry Track Meet @ SHS

April 23, 2019

Our very own student, Hau, was a participant in the unified track meet, helping her team to defeat Perry Meridian! We arrived around 5:00 p.m. to watch her run in the 100-metre dash. We were proud to cheer her on as she represented Southport!

Chin & Zomi National Day

February 16, 2019

We enjoyed attending Chin National Day and Zomi National Day! It was very special to be a part of this celebration and see our students and their family members perform and receive honors. We also saw many people we knew and had a great time visiting!

SHS Visit for 8th Graders

February 05, 2019

We had a great time at Southport High School from 6:00-8:30, learning more information about high school classes and graduation requirements. Our 8th graders also got to meet some of their future administrators and counselors, ask questions, and take a tour with the robotics team to learn about what they do. It was a great experience!

Human Rights Poster Contest

November 10, 2018

Have you ever wondered what rights you have? Do you wish you could stand up for people whose rights are not respected? If so, come join us and participate in a poster contest honoring the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). We will meet from 12:00-5:00 to learn more about our rights and to illustrate the parts of the UDHR that matter to us. Come have fun with us and learn about this important topic!

Fall Planting Party

October 27, 2018

​Looking to volunteer? Want to help make our learning center beautiful for the students who come here? We will be planting tulips and other flowers that will bloom every year in the springtime, and we would love to have you join us! We will meet in the afternoon (12:00-3:00) to plant flower buds. Afterward, we will also visit and enjoy hot chocolate and pizza! This event is open to everyone, even if you are not signed up in our programs. Hope to see you here!

Going for Free Winter Coats!

October 20, 2018

"Coats for Kids" will give free coats to students of all ages at the Indiana State Fairgrounds from 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. If you are already signed up before fall break to come after school during our next session, we would be happy to give you a ride there to pick out a coat!

Christmas Cantata Performance

September 24, 2018

What a beautiful performance by the Gracias Choir! We enjoyed great music, acting, dancing, and singing at this year's Christmas Cantata at the Indiana Farmer's Coliseum. Many thanks to the kind volunteers who gave us free tickets for this event!

Southport vs. Perry Soccer Game @ PMHS

August 30, 2018

​We went together to cheer on our Southport boys' soccer team as they defeated Perry Meridian 3-1 at Falcon Stadium! Way to go, Southport! #BeACardinal

Southport vs. Perry Soccer Game @ PMMS

August 16, 2018

We enjoyed going to watch our Southport girls' and boys' teams play hard against Perry at Perry Meridian Middle School. Great games, everybody!

Flower Planting

June 02, 2018

We met to plant flowers at our learning center. We also had ice cream and worked on a special memory for the wall inside. Many thanks to everybody who helped! The flowers look beautiful.

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