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Questions & Answers for Scholarship Donors



#1: Why should I donate?
When you donate to our scholarship program, you are opening the door for 6th-12th graders with a financial need to attend at no cost, coming after school for support, nourishment, and learning opportunities. We work with students from Perry Township Schools, where 71% of the student population is eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. Without a scholarship, most would not be able to attend, so we are truly grateful for any support you can provide.

#2: What do scholarship recipients receive?
All students attending on a scholarship receive homework support, snacks, dinner, transportation from school to the learning center, and any materials needed in order to participate in the learning activities we do.

#3: Is the learning center a tax-exempt organization?
No, we are a small family business committed to making a difference for the students in our community. Every dollar you give will go directly to our scholarship fund, and we will keep you up-to-date on what scholarship recipients are learning via our monthly email newsletter.

#4: Can I donate any amount?
Yes, any amount is accepted and very much appreciated! The donation amounts listed on our website are simply suggestions. Once you click on any one of those options, you will be taken to a survey with a PayPal link where you can type in your preferred dollar amount.

#5: How can I make my donation?
In addition to donating by credit card online via PayPal, donations can also be made by check, written out to Gaisser Family of Learners, Inc. and mailed to 5110 Madison Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46227. On occasion, we also accept cash donations, but we would appreciate if you could contact us to make special arrangements. Please do not send any cash donations by mail.

#6: Will money from my donation be used for my donor gifts?
No, every dollar you give will go directly to our scholarship fund for students. The donor gifts are from our family to express our appreciation for your support, so please take a moment to fill out this survey after you donate. We would also appreciate knowing via the survey if we can list your name as a donor on our website, which is helpful in encouraging others to give.

#7: Can my business become a corporate sponsor of the learning center?
Yes, absolutely! We are thankful for Pearson Ford's sponsorship of our Summer 2021 Sports Camps, and we will be seeking additional sponsors in the near future. We are happy to give corporate sponsors good PR in our email newsletter, on site at our center, and online on our website and social media platforms. If interested, please reach out by using the message box below.

Ready to become a scholarship supporter?

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